Yes! They are Siamese!
Date:  Tue, 22 Feb 2000
From:  "Aygen Akman" <>


We are Siamese, as you can see.
Our history is long, rather aristocratic are we.
We are groomed, loved, or as we ask, just let be.
Our travels have been far and unknown, but now we have a really great home.
We peer from our places at this feline show,
to see all the happy faces, which make our parents glow.
Our humans get excited, as ring time draws near,
we are Siamese.... we have no fear.
We are taken from our cages and held high,
with the crowd giving a gleeful sigh.
We only hope the judge will say,
"You deserve a blue ribbon today!"


What Do Cats Do?
Date:   Tue, 22 Feb 2000
From:  "Aygen Akman" <>


In memory of Sesame
Nov. 13, 1988 - Nov. 13, 1998

If you were a cat, what would you do?
Rest on a bed or go chase a mouse,
Delight in a treat or play around the house?
So what do cats do when no one's at home?
Sleep all day or talk on the phone?
Who knows, some cats are skilled,
To chat with other cats on the internet about where they're at.
Maybe they like to have a snack,
And raid your frig before you are back.
So what do cats do when no one's home?
Does anyone know?
They could sleep with their buddies,
Or prowl around the house.
Sit on a window sill and watch for a mouse.
They could play with their toys or with other pets.
But I guess that's not allowed.
If you leave them outside during the day,
They could climb a tree to get away,
Or play with leaves as they fall from autumn trees.
So when you come home, take care of your cat.
And wonder what they did today...


Thanks Sunny !

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